New Mayu Collection by Coco Flip

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Ross Hines

Glowing with a welcoming allure and foreign beauty, the Mayu collection is an exploration of sculptural forms inspired by the beauty of Iceland's otherworldly landscapes. Distinctive and translucent, each piece is hand-crafted using traditional shade making techniques to provide a warm glow from cosy lounge rooms to lofty stairwells.

Mayu is the Japanese word for 'cocoon' and these delicate forms encase a nested shade within, revealing a warm glowing core when illuminated. The collection includes five pendants and one floor lamp allowing a range of applications and cluster possibilities.

Like most good design, considerable effort has been taken to make the collection seem simple and effortless. However, Mayu is Coco Flip's most complex product to date and the unforgiving nature of the material means that great care is needed with construction. Each is made by hand, here in Melbourne with the LED light source is carefully obscured so the whole pendant appears to glow.





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