Dowel Jones - Mr Dowel Jones

Dowel Jones

The Mr. Dowel Jones’s is made from rubber and Tasmanian Oak and has a unique design, with legs that create extra space on the surface it's placed on. The light was developed using fused deposition modelling, producing various prototypes before the final design was developed. The rubber components allow for flexibility, as different sized dowels can be used to change the overall proportions.

All rubber componentry is manufactured in Melbourne through Abar Rubber, who were closely consulted throughout the manufacturing process.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne. 


DESK - 240 X 240 X 700MM
FLOOR - 400 X 400 X 1200MM

Weight: Approx. 2kg including standard cord length and fittings

Materials: Vic Ash timber, rubber fittings and electrical cord and components

Finish: Natural, uncoated timber and matt black rubber with black cloth cord 

Voltage: 240V / 20W

Collections: Dowel Jones, Lighting

Type: Lighting

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