Brightgreen - W200 SX Cube wall light


The straight-edged form of the of the W200 SX Cube wall light is designed to align perfectly with the square edges of a space, creating clean lines and a minimalist, modern look.

The smaller version of the W900 SX Cube wall light, the W200 SX Cube can be paired with the other designs in the collection of surface-mounted wall lights to create orientation lighting, ambient feature walls and geometric artworks.

Designed in Melbourne. 


Source Lumens: 360lm

Tru-Colour: Yes

Warranty: 7 years

Delivered Lumens: 200lm

Dimming: No

Lifetime: 40,000 Hrs

Efficacy: 33lm\W

Gimbal angle: 30° Universal

IP rating: IP22


The Australian based Brightgreen, run by David O’Driscoll, is a highly regarded lighting design studio. Their designs are the result of long running discussions and advice, sought from engineers, architects and electricians.


Collections: Brightgreen, Lighting

Type: Lighting

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