Respecting the source

We are committed to protecting our forests and our world for generations to come. We have set new standards in the industry for best-practice in material sourcing, waste and emission minimisation, and recycling – and we only partner with suppliers who share our values so you can trust our products at every stage of the process.

An ongoing commitment

At Tongue & Groove, we are proud to have sustainability at the heart of all aspects of our business. Our products adhere to the highest possible environmental standards, from the moment the timber is responsibly sourced from European plantations to our innovative manufacturing processes, and the delivery of the product to our customers.

We believe timber is a precious natural resource that deserves our respect. Our oak is responsibly sourced from plantations throughout Europe that practise sustainable forestry and are certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody Standards. To ensure the highest standards, our products can be FSC Chain of Custody Certified on request.

This care and respect for the timber extends throughout the manufacturing process. We have developed a new standard of engineered flooring that uses up to 70% repurposed materials. With three layers of solid European oak, our process makes use of parts of the tree that would otherwise go to waste.

Each board is then finished using WOCA biodegradable plant-based oils or a water-based lacquer. These 100% natural finishes and the glue we use for bonding our three layers of solid oak are non-toxic and low in VOC emissions, so they are safe for both our families and our environment.


Learn more about our commitment to sustainable practices and material sourcing by downloading our latest brochure.