Our Team
  • Nationwide
  • Melbourne Showroom
  • Brisbane Showroom
  • Adelaide
  • Richard Karsay

    Richard Karsay

    CEO & Founder

  • Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan

    General Manager Sales

  • Tegan Schwarz

    Tegan Schwarz

    General Manager Marketing

  • Kevin Nel

    Kevin Nel

    General Manager Operations

  • Sue McConnell

    Sue McConnell

    Human Resource Manager

  • Samantha Newton

    Samantha Newton

    NSW State Manager

  • Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson

    SA State Manager

  • Adam Costanzo

    Adam Costanzo

    Senior Business Development Manager

  • Tiffany Blandford

    Tiffany Blandford

    Business Development Manager

  • Elizabeth Hand

    Elizabeth Hand

    Business Development Manager

  • Jason Lamberti

    Jason Lamberti

    Business Development Manager

  • Fiona Jack

    Fiona Jack

    Business Development Manager

  • Tess Wells

    Tess Wells

    Showroom Manager

  • Jonathan Monroy

    Jonathan Monroy

    Showroom Manager

  • Iv Hout Kuoch

    Iv Hout Kuoch

    Showroom Manager

  • Zuzana Popluharova

    Zuzana Popluharova

    Sales Support

  • Pippa Lorraway

    Pippa Lorraway

    Sales Support Manager

  • Paulette Araya

    Paulette Araya

    Executive Assistant

  • Hatim Quaid Johar

    Hatim Quaid Johar

    Logistics Supervisor

  • Jack Dokonivalu

    Jack Dokonivalu

    Leading Storeperson

  • Leah Skarou

    Leah Skarou

    Sales Support

  • Eddie Singh

    Eddie Singh


  • Pio Waqahisiga

    Pio Waqahisiga


  • Jeanina Maruzza

    Jeanina Maruzza

    Logistics Coordinator


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